A short game, made with Bitsy Game Maker, for the monthly Bitsy game jam. Theme: A Secret

Make choices to find the end.

Made withBitsy


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I love the creepy world art! Also, choices are always a fun concept to explore in games

nice game! I liked how the ominous feel of the world made the choices seem more important

is this your first bitsy game? let me know if you have any feedback for improving the editor :)

Thanks. Yes this is my first bitsy game. I enjoyed using the editor and I have have a few other game ideas that I would like to use it for. 

The only two suggestions I would make for the editor is to add a grouping feature to the tiles and maybe a list for the rooms. I think this would be useful for larger background art that requires multiple tiles with different designs, which can be separated from the regular tiles that are repeatedly used in the game.   I think a list of rooms would be useful for games that do not have a linear movement between rooms. However I had no trouble navigating the editor for this game, especially with the find drawing feature, and the exit and ending tools.